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Dr. Scroll by the Starving Artist Food co was a company established by fine artist Lee Trewartha. Based in central Victorian, the company produces handcrafted scrolls in a variety of unique and delicious flavours. The scrolls have been a family favourite for over a decade, having been inspired by food and art experiences gained in America, Canada and France. After returning home from her travels, she combined those experiences to create Dr. Scrolls’ delicious product. 


In 2015 this family run business began selling cinnamon, lemon and chocolate scrolls to the people of Bendigo. Over time, they have developed and made up to 65 different flavours. The team is passionate about supporting regional growers and producers, using Victorian flour and local free range eggs, using seasonal produce where possible.   The product is made with a small batch mentality, but on a grand scale.  Their aim is to share and create considered and memorable food experiences.

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