The Starving Artist Abroad (from 95 Piper St, Kyneton).

As we all know it has been impossible to travel in 2020 and many of our customers have voiced their sadness about not being able to travel. So this had us thinking, how can we bring those well missed experiences to our valued customers during this time? We have been in discussion with two of our staff members residing in France at the moment. Late last year and early this year Camille Ouvrart and Samara Peace were working with us as we opened our food gallery to Kyneton. During the entire pandemic they have been living in Camille's hometown, Benet, in Mid Western France. So in discussion with Samara, we have come up with an idea to bring the experiences of the French culture to the people of central Victoria. Over the next few months Samara will talk about her experiences, including traditional family recipes, food, café experiences, music, and beautiful scenic locations around where she currently lives. We are planning to collaborate with some cafes and restaurants, and Samara is working hard to establish those connections for us. As we continue this blog, we will also be sharing experiences from further afield.

Our aim will be to exchange recipes and experiences with our connections abroad, and to bring you all a tangible food experience. So keep checking in on our blog as Samara shares with us her adventures in Mid-western France. We are looking forward to bringing you these experiences in central Victoria, particularly as we head into the festive season!

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A recipe by Josette, the partner of Camille's dad, it's for Mojette from Vendee, the region we live in here. It's white beans a bit like canelini beans and it's surprisingly good. Traditionally served