Vendée Mojette Recipe

A recipe by Josette, the partner of Camille's dad, it's for Mojette from Vendee, the region we live in here. It's white beans a bit like canelini beans and it's surprisingly good. Traditionally served with smoked pork, like a thick slice of bacon, but can be served just as part of any meal. It's another example of how simply French people like to cook and also how much they really love garlic 😂

Vendée mojette recipe:

80 g per person

-Cover beans in cold water and let boil 5 minutes. (I assume you soak the beans overnight first as usual)

-Drain, rinse with cold water, return to the saucepan,

-cover with cold water and a pinch of baking soda.

- Add a large piece of butter (large would probably be 50g, I'm guessing, but the French do love butter)

-3 or 4 cloves of garlic per person chopped (guessing you could cook the garlic in the butter before adding)

-Add a sprig of thyme, 2 bay leaves, pepper to taste,

-salt to taste- only add salt at the end of cooking.

-Cook for 1 hour while stirring from time to time and remove before it starts to mash. Bon appetit

The liquid will have thickened a bit once it's ready

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